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As a relatively new club, the Czechoslovakian Vlcak Club of America was officially established in 2011. Our membership is spread from coast to coast, with members in over 17 states! For now, we primarily communicate over the Internet. We welcome new members, and especially owners of purebred Czechoslovakian Vlcaks in the United States, to join our mission! In the future, we hope to hold social gatherings, meetings, educational events and formal and informal competitions. Currently, we offer members the opportunity to network with other owners, to help educate the public about our wonderful breed and to have a place of support for being owned and loved by our Vlcaks.

You may learn more about the structure of our Club by reading our Constitution and By-Laws.

We offer 7 types of membership to persons in good/bylaws standing with the AKC or FCI, and adhering to the CVCA Constitution and by-laws, the CSVCA Code of Ethics, and subscribing to the purpose of this Club.

Regular – $25

Open to adults (18+) who own, co-own, or have owned a Czechoslovakian Vlcak in the past twelve (12) months (counted from date of signature upon application). After three years as a regular member in good standing, individual may remain with regular member status for the remainder of their lifetime (so long as membership is not terminated), regardless of ownership. Enjoys all club privileges including the right to vote and hold office.

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Household – $35

Two (2) adult members residing in the same household, each eligible to vote and hold office. Both adults must meet the qualifications for individual membership.

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Associate – $10 **

Entitled to all club privileges except voting and office holding. Offered to fanciers of the breed who do not currently own, or have not owned a Czechoslovakian Vlcak in the past twelve (12) months.

** If associate member acquires a Czechoslovakian Vlcak during the membership year, the member may pay the difference in dues between regular membership and associate membership and automatically convert to regular membership. Notice of status change will be announced and recorded at the Board meeting following associate member’s request and payment of remaining dues.

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International – $10

For those individuals who are not U.S. residents (or its territories and possessions). Shall be entitled to all club privileges except voting and office holding.

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Junior – $10

Open to children under 18 years of age; a non-voting/non office holding membership.

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An individual who has made significant contributions to the Sport, Breed or the Club. Honorary members pay no dues and are not eligible to vote, but can maintain regular (or household) membership if they pay dues. At the Board’s discretion, the qualification of ownership maybe be disregarded if an honorary member chooses to become a regular member.


For those individuals who have been regular members continuously for at least 20 years. Life members pay no dues, but are eligible to vote and hold office.

Apply Via Mail or Zelle:

Fill out the membership form online, go to payment, but don’t enter your payment information, the membership form will be emailed to us and you can send a check or pay with Zelle to avoid the credit card fees.

CSVCA Membership Form

CSVCA Code of Ethics

Please make checks payable to:

The CSVCA, Inc.

c/o Leslie Kastner, Treasurer, 17400 Sunset Drive, Southwest Ranches, FL 33331 or

Via Zelle at