Adoptions & Rescues

Due to the rarity of this breed in the United States, we do not expect to have many dogs available for rescue.  However, should the need arise, please fill out an Adoption Application and submit it as requested below.  All dogs adopted from the rescue will either be spayed/neutered prior to placement, or, if the animal is too young, will be adopted with a spay/neuter contract.

CSVCA Adoptable Dogs

Currently there are no dogs available for adoption at this time.

Other Available Dogs

Czechoslovakian Vlcaks listed in this category are older dogs available through private owners, who are also members of the CSVCA and agree to adhere to the CSVCA Code of Ethics and By-laws. This is a courtesy listing service. The CSVCA takes no responsibility for adoptions or placements of these dogs.

Currently there are no dogs available.

Successful Rescues

Vinko in Italy

We have had some successful rescues in the recent years.  One such rescue in 2018 was Vinko, a Czechoslovakian Vlcak, (“CsV”), from Italy who came to the United States to meet his new family.  The family had recently lost their first rescued CsV, Loki, and missed him terribly.  Vinko became available at a time when his new family-to-be was ready to welcome their next rescue.  Although Sitka, their other CsV had never accepted Loki, Vinko’s new family was ready to welcome him no matter what.

Vinko settled in very quickly, but hadn’t met Sitka yet. One day, not long after Vinko had settled in, the family came home to find Vinko and Sitka together!  Seems Vinko decided it was time to meet his sister and figured out how to open the door separating them.  They became immediate friends and are enjoying life together with their incredible, loving family!

Vinko with his new sister, Sitka.
Vinko playing with Sitka!