The 2015 CSVCA Annual Meeting

The 2015 CSVCA Annual Meeting

On a beautiful October evening, members representing both Coasts gathered at the home of President Stacy McCrary for a catered TexMex Dinner and annual meeting. It was wonderful getting to meet so many individuals that I have only known via Facebook or email. Leslie and her husband Jeff arrived with Baj after a very very long trip from South Florida. They get the prize for traveling the furthest and we got to see Baj work the Rally course like a pro the following day. They were greeted by Alex (an associate member) who flew in from San Diego, California. Alex’s interest in getting a Vlcak encouraged him to travel the distance to take this opportunity to meet the breed and their owners. Everybody gave him their honest opinions about owning a Vlcak and the challenges and rewards of doing so. Down from the beautiful state of Colorado, John and his new bride, Jessica, made the trip with Uzi and Amo (John’s German Shepard). Ray and Nelli made the trip from Lubbock, Texas with Bastion. This young pup was great meeting his new friends. Jason traveled in on Saturday morning from Weatherford, Texas with his two beautiful boys Be’Lial and Piter. Chris and Shadow joined us from Carrollton, Texas. Chris has worked with our guest speaker, Karen Deeds, at various clinics and agility workshops and was able to help Karen demonstrate techniques in working with dogs. The day ran much longer than I had planned and it was about 4:30pm on Saturday when we gathered for our hike. Ray and Nellie sadly had to get back on the road to return to Lubbock and Chris also returned home. However six of us and six dogs headed for the lake to swim and enjoy the late afternoon weather.

Rain and flooding from the early spring kept the park at Grapevine Lake closed and we had to change locations to my home. In hindsight this worked out great because we had everything we needed close by and were able to relax in the shade and talk while we ate and took breaks. The weekend before the event the AKC judge hurt her knee and had to cancel but thankfully Karen Deeds jumped in and took over everything.

Karen’s husband works with search and rescue on a national level (working 911 and Katrina) and stated she would help Leslie get in contact with the SAR group in Florida for Baj.

Thank you John for bringing the wonderful baked dog treats.

Thank you Petco for your amazing gift bags for each of the participants.

A very special thank you to my family for their support and help to make this event run so smoothly both days. My son Shannon took all the photos and my husband and son Justin held our dogs so they could participate while I was off doing things.